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Javscript workshop with Douglas Crockford

For many years I have disliked JavaScript, and avoided its use unless absolutely necessary. This goes back many years from some of the atrocious things JavaScript was used for on the web, and the mess of a language it was to use in early web browsers. About 2 years ago I gave it another look, but all my dislike was confirmed by a terrible book I had purchased. I will not name it, as I am embarrassed actual money was handed over.
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I have my tickets for Web Directions conference

For the last 2 years I had planned to attend the Web Directions conference in Sydney, but various work and family commitments have meant this has not happened. Well this year there are no excuses, and I am there. I have signed up for the 2 day conference plus ‘Javascript – The Good Parts’ workshop by Douglas Crockford. From a front end perspective, Javascript is my relative technical weakness, but something I am looking to fill in, now that I have moved past my all javascript is evil mindset.
The one problem I do have with the conference program is that I know there will be clashes between presentations I want to see, as it is divided into 3 tracks, and my interest crosses all 3. But what a problem to have. The presentations I am most looking forward to are : ‘Elegant Web Typography’, ‘Javascript libraries – Putting the cross in cross-browser compatible’ and ‘Web APIs, Oauth and OpenID: A developer’s guide’.

See you there.

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