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Switching between PHP versions with Apache on Windows

I had occasion to set up a dev box to test a new web application against different php versions, so I thought I would share the steps. This setup is for one PHP version at a time, and I have documented for 2 versions, but more can be done if required. Also I have used PHP4 and 5, but it could be multiple versions of PHP5, such as a beta version of 5.3. This setup was done using Apache2 on Windows.

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PHP 5.2.9 released

A new version of PHP is now available 5.2.9. It is a mix of security and bug fixes.
This has been followed by a special release for Windows users of version 5.2.9-1 which has a fix for a security issue in the cURL library.

Essential Application List

I have seen a few list recently of essential applications people install on their PCs, so I thought I would put together my own list:
For web development

For Windows apps:

General Development:


  • Spybot
  • AVG
  • Zone Alarm


  • FileZilla
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • YAReg for dual booters needing to access Linux partitions
  • CDBurnerXP
  • 7-Zip
  • OpenOffice

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