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I admit to using the Opera browser

When I do web development, my browser of choice is Firefox. With geat extensions like Web Developer, tracking down HTML / CSS issues is made so much easier. There are plenty of others like Live HTTP Headers and Search Status to name just 2.

However when I am just browsing the web, my browser of choice is Opera, and has been for a while now. Performance wise I have found it better than firefox. This is just a perception, without any rigorous analytics. part of the answer is probably to do with FF being slowed down by the installed extensions. Remember I am running Linux (Ubuntu), so Safari and Google Chrome are not available at this time. Konqueror is a good alternative when I was on KDE.

Yes Opera is not free software, just freeware, but for me in this case, its the best tool for the job.

This is web testing

Thought I would give a quick screenshot. Safari and IE6 browsers on Windows XP. All running with QEMU on Kubuntu Linux.

IE6 and Safari web browsers on Windows in Kubuntu Linux with QEMU

I should have shown Konqueror as well.

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