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5 questions of framework maintainers

Cake, Zend, Symfony and CodeIgniter are the best known PHP frameworks, but as is obvious from the the big list of PHP frameworks, there are many more out there. I have had my say on why there are so many, so I thought it was appropriate to ask some maintainers of lesser known PHP frameworks why they have also created a public framework. I was fortunate that all 4 took the time to reply to my 5 questions. Take the time to check out these frameworks they might be what you need for your next project.
The questions and answers follow here, grouped by framework.
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So why so many PHP frameworks?

Since producing the big list of PHP frameworks I have been contacted privately by email and the issue has been raised by David in the comments. Why so many frameworks for PHP? Python has a few, and Ruby has 2 of its main frameworks merging. PHP has at least 50 active public frameworks with a vast unknown number of in house frameworks. It has been suggested this is a waste of resources and that 1 good framework is all that is needed.
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The Big List of PHP Frameworks

For the start of a new year, it was time to clean out the list of PHP frameworks. A few have fallen by the wayside, but many new ones have been added. It seems that patterns and MVC is still all the rage, but less are professing to being Rails clones, though the inspiration of convention is still strong. There are a wide variety of framework types. From full stack (cakePHP, Symfony) to components (eZ), a bit of both (Zend) and minimalist (LightVC, TinyMVC, Pluf).
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Qcodo forked again

It has been announced that Qcodo PHP framework has been forked into QCubed. The stated reason is

[t]he inactivity of the Qcodo project has proved frustrating to many. I’m happy to announce that Open Source has triumphed, and several community members have banded together to fork Qcodo.

This is the second time a fork of Qcodo has been made. Earlier in the year Qcodo was forked to Zcodo but attempts had been publicly announced to merge the project back together. It seems this has been a failure, and QCubed has been created based on Qcodo 0.3.43. A 1.0 RC has been made available and work has begun in areas like documentation which had fallen well behind in Qcodo.

Does every php developer have their own framework?

I have tried a few php frameworks over the years, sometimes with a positive experience, sometimes not. But the sheer number of them still amazes me. I had an original list of 22 for this site, and when we upgraded a few were culled off as they seemed to be dormant. However on a regular basis I am contacted about a framework that I didn’t know existed, or come across it by chance. Also a number seem to have stopped development.

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