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PHP News #3

PHP developer news for week ending July 23rd, 2010.

  • PHP 5.2.14 released. Bug & security release and the end of active support for the 5.2 line.
  • PHP 5.3.3 released. Over 100 fixes with a number of security enhancements.
  • CakePHP 1.3.3 rainbow icing edition released.
  • Phalanx PHP Framework. Event driven PHP5.3+ framework.


  • CodeIgniter Con 2010. August 14 & 15, Bristol UK.
  • Symfony day. October 8th, 2010 in Cologne, Germany.
  • indieconf. Conference for independent web professionals. November 13, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

PHP 5.2.9 released

A new version of PHP is now available 5.2.9. It is a mix of security and bug fixes.
This has been followed by a special release for Windows users of version 5.2.9-1 which has a fix for a security issue in the cURL library.

PHP 5.27 replaced by 5.28

PHP version 5.27 was officially released and quickly replaced with 5.28. The regression errors introduced in 5.27 affects configurations where magic_quotes_gpc is enabled. So skip 5.27 and go straight to 5.28.

The last PHP4 release

PHP 4.4.9 has been released. This is to be the last release on the 4.4 line. This release is a combination of security enhancements and fixes. And all just before 8/8/08.

PHP6 is still on the distant horizon, but closer is 5.3 which had a first alpha released a few days ago.

End of PHP4

It has been announced that PHP4 support is to cease with only critical support fixes to be made. The details are that new releases on the PHP 4 line will cease at the end of 2007, and security fixes may be made available until August 8, 2008. They encourage all users to upgrade to PHP5.
PHP6 is on the horizon but no definite timeframe is given.

PHP 5.2.3 Released

A new PHP version has been released: 5.2.3. The development team states “This release continues to improve the security and the stability of the 5.X branch as well as addressing two regressions introduced by the previous 5.2 releases.” Nothing earth shattering but security updates are always a good thing.

Release notes and change log available.

No upgrade on the 4.4.x line.

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