Starting September with minimal fitness, sporadic training and a number of kilograms over racing weight.

Training will be at Adcock Park. It is a grass track and only in fair condition. Line markings are becoming faint, is being used by a number of training groups and uneven in places.


Outcome Goal

  • 90% nights > 6.5 hours sleep
  • 80% of training sessions

Performance Goal

  • N/A

Process Goals

  1. Consistent training. Get back into the habit rather than killer sessions
  2. Clean up eating

Running Plan

Tu: Acceleration

We: Tempo

Th: Easier day. Hills, stairs or strength endurance.

Sa: Acceleration

Sun: Tempo


Body weight exercises on speed days

Core workout on non speed days. Start simple and once consistent, increase intensity and variability.


Started at 90 kg. Aim 88 kg.