Week 31 – Summary.

  • Very successful meet at Australian Masters in Brisbane. First time I have won all 4 sprints in a single nationals plus 2 Australian records and 2 Championship records

Resting HR (week avg): 55

Weight: 90.0 kg (+0.0)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 1 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 5 / 5

March 28

Rest day

March 29

Mingara. Rain held off during the session.

4 * block starts. Getting good arms for 2 strides.

1 * 60m at 85%.

March 30

Rest day

March 31

Travel to Brisbane

April 1

Brisbane. AMA Champs. Nice warm day.

60m Heat. 7.70 (0.0). 1st. Just enough to get through to the final.

60m Final. 7.48 (-2.2). Championship record. 1st. First 30m was very erratic, wandering around my lane. Finished ok.

100m Heat. 12.57 (-2.5). 3rd. Very relaxed heat run, though I was surprised when another runner came past on the line to push me back to 3rd.

100m Final. 11.40 (+2.6). 1st. Felt really good in the run and was very excited when the infield clock said 11.36. Didn’t matter as it was an illegal wind.

April 2

Brisbane. AMA Champs. Nice warm day.

200m Heat. 25.52 (-1.9). 1st. Nice and controlled heat run. 

200m Final. 22.97 (+1.6). 1st. Australian and championship record. Besides waiting a fair while on the back straight before our race it was absolutely perfect conditions and what I had been hoping to get for the last couple of months.

Sprint Champions Final. 2nd. 10.39 off 10m (+0.3). 0.11 behind Rob Mayston. Run was really good, so I was actually happy to be that close. 

April 3

Brisbane. AMA Champs. Nice warm day.

Did not sleep well. The sun and heat from yesterday really got to me. Was still drinking lots of fluids into the evening which meant a number of bathroom visits and disrupted sleep.

Before the 400m I had to distract myself with music and web browsing as I had a real temptation to pull out of the race (as I generally do) with a relay to follow the 400m.  

400m timed final. 53.37. 1st. Great lane draw (5) inside the 2 main contenders. Race played out much as I expected. I was able to take out the stagger by half way , pick up on 2nd bend and hang on for the last 100. Last 50m was really tough, just trying to keep the arms going.

4 * 100m M45 Australian records attempt. 45.00 breaking the old record of 45.35. Ran 2nd leg. Went really well considering I was tired by this 9th race.